So, after a huge repair bill, my car died again tonight.  This made me rather angry.  For a minute.

I went to a book signing tonight for an author I discovered at the 2016 Steampunk Symposium.  Although not my normal cup-o-girlie coffee, I really enjoyed the book I bought from her.

Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber, if you’re interested.  It’s a Gothic Fantasy with a slight leaning toward YA and romance.  I loved it and anyone who knows me, knows that Gothic and romance aren’t in my vocabulary, although about 400,000 other words are (most of them need to be cut out of my first chapters.)

I got in my car, meaning to go home and hammer out a chapter or two and I was rewarded with a great deal of grinding as the starter was doing many things that didn’t actually start the car.  I then spent 40 minutes trying a variety of things that yielded no further automotive fruition.  (Insert adult stuff like calling a tow truck, telling Teri I’d be late, blah, blah, blah.)  Blah is my favorite word.  You’ll learn this if you keep following this blog.

At this point I had some options.  Get mad. Curse. Bang on the steering wheel.  Call someone and complain.

Once again I chose to make up a new choice as none of these sounded interesting.

I trod across the parking lot in the rain, spirits plummeting all the way and ordered a shot and a beer.  (Alcohol never solves anything right?)  I wasn’t feeling solution minded.

I see that Leanna is there with a table of her friends.  All five and half feet of black lace and taffeta clad authorial cheerfulness.   I didn’t want to intrude though so I chose a different table.  Before I have a chance to get comfortable though she recognizes me and insists I come over and hang out with her friends.

Long story short I spent the next hour or so making new friends and discussing her books with her.  I talk about my projects.  We talk about the book she is finishing up and the local meet up of writers I attend here.  I couldn’t believe how much she wanted to hear about me and the path I’m on.  It was just what I needed on an otherwise dreary night of suspect luck.

Once again the universe chose to inform me that every misfortune is an opportunity in disguise.  I like how you always seem to have my back.